BIOGRAPHENE is a biotech startup dedicated to developing novel graphene-based nanomedicine for neurodegenerative diseases. With the headquarters (BioGraphene Inc.) and core R&D facilities located in Seoul, Korea, we are a spin-off company from Seoul National University and have been operating as a legal entity in the state of California starting in June 2020. BIOGRAPHENE is equipped with the technical prowess of Seoul National University’s researchers (Graphene Research Laboratory by Prof. Byung Hee Hong, Founder&CEO), as well as the integration of cutting-edge graphene synthesis and biomedical applications.
The development of new medicines / treatments for intractable and rare diseases based on the world’s leading graphene-based technology.
Innovative leadership and acquisition of high-grade research capacity.
The development of socially and ethically conscious technology for the advancement of human welfare.
Effective technology development and establishment of strategic global partnerships for commercialization.
Innovative Graphene Therapies
Founded in February 2017, supported by the Seoul National University Bio-MAX/N-Bio Technology Commercialization Support Project.
Headquarters: Suseo-dong, Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK) | Research Annex: Seoul National University campus.
Pilot Manufacturing Facility being built in the Institute of Advanced Convergence Technology in Gwanggyo (Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea).
Starting in June 2020, the US office has been operating as a legal entity in the state of California.
Official corporate name of HQ: BioGraphene Inc / US: BIOGRAPHENE
2017. 02. 28
Byung Hee Hong
Main Pipeline
Graphene-based Drug Development and Manufacture
3rd floor, 4, Gwangpyeong-ro 46-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
216-2, Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center, Seoul National University, 1, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Room5, 1st Floor, Building# B, Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, 145, Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
US Office
555 W 5th St. Fl 35 Los Angeles, CA 90005 United States
2017Established BioGraphene Inc.
Seoul National University spin-off 1st paid-in capital increase
2014Major Patent Filed
Method-of-use patent of Graphene nanostructure for neurodegenerative diseases(Issued in Republic of Korea, Japan, Europe & United States)
2020Established US Branch
Located in Los Angeles, California, the US office focuses on the novel drug development for neurodegenerative diseases
2018Mass Production (In progress)
In collaboration with Graphene Square Inc. for the mass production of graphene quantum dots
Byung Hee Hong, Ph.D.CEO & Founder
2002 / Ph.D. POSTECH, Chemistry
Main Experience
2017- current / Professor, Seoul National University
2011-2017 / Associate Professor, Seoul National University
2007-2011 / Assistant Professor, SungKyunKwan University
2004-2007 / Post-Doc., Columbia University
Other Experience
2014-2015 / Visiting Scholar, Harvard University
2012-current / Graphene Square, Inc., Founder and CTO
2012-current / 2D Materials, IOP, Founding/Regional Editor
2012-current / EU Graphene Flagship Advisor
2013-current / Advisory Board, Cambridge Graphene Center, Univ. Cambridge
2013-current / Editorial Board, Scientific Report, Nature Publishing
HQ (Seoul, Korea)
Vice PresidentKyunghae Lee, Vice President
Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Dongkuk Univ.(2000)
SKKU Pharmacology (1998)
Research DirectorDonghoon Kim, Ph.D.
Research Director in BioGraphene Inc.(2018.7.~current)
John's Hopkins Univ. Hospitial (2011-2018)
Ph.D. in Neurology, Seoul National Univ.(2010)
Vice Research DirectorJi Yeon Ahn, Ph.D.
BK Professor, Seoul National Univ.(2014-2017)
SNU Cancer Institute (2011-2013)
Ph.D. in Biomedical Science, Catholic Univ.(2010)
(Strategy and Planning)Jong Bo Park, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Seoul National. Univ.(2015)
Post-Doc., National Univ. Singapore (2018-2019)
Advisory Board & Consultant
Advisory BoardProf. Han-Seok Ko, Ph.D.
Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s preclinical study
Department of Neurology
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Advisory BoardProf. Kyung-Sun Kang Ph.D.
Crohn's disease and Niemann-Pick disease
Director, Adult Stem Cell Research Center, SNU, Veterinary Medicine
Founder, Kangstem Biotech., Ltd.
Advisory BoardProf. Jung-Pyo Lee, M.D.
Nephrology, SNU Boramae Hospital
(SNU Hospitial, Clinical Test Center)Prof. In-jin Jang, M.D.
Clinical Consultant
(SNU Hospital, Nuclear Medicine)Prof. Keon Wook Kang, M.D.
Clinical Consultant
(SNU Hospital, Neurosurgery)Prof. Sun Ha Paek, M.D.
Clinical Consultant
US Office (Los Angeles, CA)
Chief Executive Officer (US)Je Min Yoo, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Seoul National Univ. (2019)
B.A. in Chemistry, Johns Hopkins Univ. (2012)
Senior Manager, Business Development & Partnerships (US)Jacob Hostetler
B.A. in International Business & Management, Dickinson College (2013)
Since the beginning, we have believed in a set of core values. These values guide us and help us stay the course when times get tough. We hold true to them and look to find them in any future collaborative partners or colleagues.
PassionStriving to be the best in your field
TrustWorking transparently and fairly
ChallengeA willingness to take on challenges
ResponsibilityFulfilling duties with perseverance and efforts
BalanceWillingness to work independently and harmoniously with others
InnovationCreative and critical thinking
Passion Passion drives us forward. It is the reason we do what we do. Passion for the patients suffering form neurodegenerative illness and passion for the progress.
Trust Trust is essential. It is the foundation of helping one another achieve was what previously through to be impossible.
Challenges Challenges will present themselves. The biopharmaceutical industry is wrought with adversity. However we know that only by working together to overcome those challenges can we hope to truly find solutions to neurodegenerative disease.
Responsibility Responsibility equates to a sense of duty. Duty to each other, duty to our industry, and most importantly duty to the patients.
Balance Balance remains at the forefront of our thoughts. When establishing company culture, balance plays a big part in creating a willingness to work independently and harmoniously with others.
Innovation Innovation is the heart of all that we do. Without a strong sense and need to innovate, it would be impossible to adapt with the changing times.